Tree Of Light


Tree Of Light

Say goodbye to boring desk lamps, switches, messy cords, and clutter! The Tree Of Light is a stunningly beautiful sculptural art piece, that replaces just about everything you'd normally keep on your nightstand. Brilliant.

3 in 1: A powerful Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Charger and Dimmable Night lamp. Can this cool lamp get any better? 😅

Automated dimming Lamp

Wireless charging

Bluetooth speaker

Touch controls 


This lamp has it all

  • Goodbye to dull and unpleasing table lamps.
  • Goodbye to switches, chaotic tangled cords, electrical extensions and mess.
  • This is the only lamp you'll ever need in your home.
  • Note: To satisfy international customers, we include an adapter specific to your country so please pick the right one before placing the order.